Investing 20 by 12

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Why us? Why Now?

Investing into the internet, especially in 2018, has reached new heights. However, with so many opportunities, systems, methods and strategies its easy to get confused, lost and  lose money. That’s why we developed a simple yet power method of 20 by 12 investing startegy. That can be applied to almost any online business model, investment portfolio or simple profits.

So what does 20 by 12 mean?

20 by 12 simple means getting 20% profit by 12 months, a year. We found out that this works best combined with our other strategies by at heart all comes down to 20×12.

How do we achieve that? With a good Profit Engine Review

It’s all in the calculations. We take a business or investment opportunity and calculate what we need to do to get 20% ROI in a year. This takes care of the both capital, time require and amount of work. A year seems like a good idea to get started with.

Here’s our latest calculation about the Print Profits by Mark Ling

The calculation is rather simple on this one as it uses Facebook Ads model that averages 50% ROI if done correctly.

Now that mean we need to factor in other requirements, like website, content, graphics and so on so we end up with 20% or above in 12 months period.

This of course requires further calculations, and margin of error. Which can be difficult to determine with some many variants.

However, based on our calculation profit engine offers a 30% to 40% ROI if done correctly. Which is above out 20% requirement.  In result it passes the test and can be used safely.

You can read the full review of profit engine affiliate course on if you’re interested.

Did You Like It?

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